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Learning about the COLOR YOUR CARPET® franchise opportunity:

Investing in the best service franchise for the 21st century in America

Single Area Franchise Fee
$17,000 - $19,500
Initial Inventory/Equipment Costs
5,890 to 7,500
Initial Investment Required
$22,890 to $26,500

Start-Up/Working Capital

5,000 to 7,500
Mini-Van (usually financed)
1,000 to 15,000

Total Capital Required

$29,890 to $49,500

Large protected territory includes our exclusive territory expansion plan. Don't let the small investment amount fool you. You can secure larger areas, even states or regions through our Area Development Franchise Agreement.or our Master Franchise plans. And you are not restricted to just your territory. You can service any area in which we do not have an operating franchisee.

The Ideal Franchise for the 21st Century!

The COLOR YOUR CARPET® process is very efficient: a two-man team per van can service several residential carpets on site per day. Commercial jobs can be scheduled with one team (or more) at one location (or more) when property owners or managers need to control downtime of the property. Our special system dyes and cleans the carpet in one step at the customer's location. Our carpet dyeing services take far less time, inconvenience, cost and downtime than carpet replacement!

COLOR YOUR CARPET® caters to upscale properties, but everyone who has a carpet is a potential customer! Many real estate professionals, insurance adjusters, facilities directors, property managers and owners, property service providers, carpet retailers and even carpet cleaners have referred customers to our franchisees after witnessing the results of our exciting dyeing service. Residential customers are a big part of our success story too!


There are billions of yards of carpet in homes and businesses, and much of it needs the COLOR YOUR CARPET® touch. The Carpet and Rug Institute states that, "more than one billion square yards of carpet is sold annually in the U.S." and, "more than 900 million square yards of that total are nylon fiber" (More than 90% of all existing carpet is dyeable by our process).

Carpet represents more than 80% of all U.S. floor covering. The average carpet replacement occurs in the third to sixth year of use (even though carpet is made to last 25 plus years). And, the majority of the time the replacement is done prematurely. The carpet isn't worn at all, the appearance is just "old" looking, stained, discolored or just an unwanted color.

More than 70% of all existing carpet is replaced annually for reasons other than wear. Carpets "UGLY-OUT" long before they wear out. Much of this carpet could be dyed, tinted or color restored with Color Your Carpet® services at a fraction ofcarpet replacement cost.

SELECTING the RIGHT FRANCHISE is very important for your future.

Owning a franchise is an investment in yourself. No other form of investment offers the value or security of a franchise that is matched perfectly with the candidate.

COLOR YOUR CARPET®'s latest refinements have caused us to realize that our potential customer base consists of 90% of all existing carpet owners! Very few carpets cannot be dyed by our process; most carpets are perfect candidates for our process.

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Millions of Custom Color Choices!

We are not limited to staying within "color families". We can change in and out of most color families and the result will be only a slight shade deeper than the original hue. In fact in some color changes the carpet will actually appear the same depth of color or even lighter due to refraction of light on our proprietary dyes !

* To view a very small sample of possible color changes, click here.

Until we prepare a custom sample selection just for you, you won't believe the vast array of choices available from Color Your Carpet® Services. We can also apply artistic borders, designs and logos to create a truly custom carpet design. We can create multicolored, patterned and custom designed carpet for both residential and commercial customers.

* To view a very small sample of actual dyed carpet samples, click here.

Our Only Business is Dyeing!

Color Your Carpet® is the only, onsite, full-time, 100% carpet dyeing & color restoration service in the world. Our unique "Carpet Color Care" services are providing property owners with a cost-effective alternative to costly and usually unnecessary carpet replacement. As a Color Your Carpet® franchisee, using our one-of-a-kind products and processes, you will offer valuable services to customers in your area. Every city in the world needs Color Your Carpet® services!

The COLOR YOUR CARPET® Proprietary Dyes and Process

COLOR YOUR CARPET® liquid dyes are safe, non-toxic, and guaranteed colorfast for the life of the carpet. Our Proprietary liquid dyes are truly "in solution", not "in suspension" (powder dyes mixed with water are in suspension). With the COLOR YOUR CARPET® exclusive on-site dyeing process, you can actually walk on the newly dyed carpet in just 60 seconds after application with total confidence that our dye is completely colorfast.

We use exclusive chemical liquid-dye formulas during our application process. As our dyes enter and penetrate the original carpet color, special chemical bonding agents make the fabric colorfast, stain resistant, and "lively looking" again. Our special dyes are only available to our franchisees. Other carpet dyers have limited experience because less than 10% of their business is dyeing. All COLOR YOUR CARPET® franchise units operate as full-time, 100% carpet dyers. Every COLOR YOUR CARPET® franchisee a fully Certified Carpet Dye Technologist or Carpet Dye Master. Every job is serviced by one or two fully Certified Dye Technicians.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® technicians are specifically trained to perform these vital services as full-time carpet dye specialists. Carpet cleaners clean carpets; they do not specialize in color repair or carpet dyeing. But, what your carpet cleaner or retailer can't tell you, won't tell you, or doesn't know, COLOR YOUR CARPET® can, will, and does!

COLOR YOUR CARPET® offers a practical, safe and cost-effective process increasingly popular as property owners and property mangers discover they can save the expense of buying new carpet by using our services. Franchisees create consumer awareness in each new market that opens and are very proud of their work and the COLOR YOUR CARPET® image and identity.

Carpet Color Care Excellence

After 25+ years of research, testing & actual use, Color Your Carpet® has created an extraordinary franchise system of Certified Dye Technologists & Dye Masters who provide a full range of expert carpet dyeing, color restoration & carpet analysis services for carpeted properties in more than 200 cities & 8 countries.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® presently operates in forty-eight states in the U.S., as well as Canada, South America, Ireland, England and Switzerland, UAE, New Zealand and Australia.

COLOR YOUR CARPET® Trademark, Logo and Tradename are registered internationally in 23 additional targeted foreign countries. Our expansion plans include initiating and/or finalizing all special registration states by 2018. We are currently able to offer franchises in thirty eight states in the U.S. We are also offering Master Franchise agreements in some key states and in many international markets.

Commercial & Residential Services

Color Your Carpet® provides property owners with complete carpet consulting services, comprehensive analysis of existing or future floor covering, cost/benefit budget planning analysis & much more. Believe it or not, most people have no idea that expert carpet dyeing & color restoration is even possible.

Color Your Carpet® Franchisees

Our franchisees have provided our unique services to thousands of carpet owners each year. Our franchise system is young, in comparison to the existing franchise giants, so franchise entry at this time provides special amenities for entrepreneurs who want an opportunity to be part of our foundation "home team". Today, Color Your Carpet® Franchisees and Certified Dye Technologists are serving and/or operating in these locations.

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